Rocky Mountain Audio Festival 2018

Rocky Mountain Audio Festival 2018

The Rocky Mountain Audio Festival (RMAF) is easily one of our favourite US headphone shows every year! This year, it is taking place October 5th - 7th in Denver, Colorado. Not only does it always have great representation on the headphone side, it also has a fun 2-channel speaker section to take a break from all the glorious headphones.

Andrew and I will both be attending RMAF this year so if you see us on the show floor, feel free to come say hello!

This year at RMAF is going to be a very exciting show. Lots of new products have been announced from the likes of MrSpeakers, HiFiMan, Chord, FiiO, Campfire Audio, ZMF and more! Some the early standouts before heading to the show are:

  • MrSpeakers Ether Flow 2
  • MrSpeakers Ether C Flow & Ether Flow 1.1
  • Campfire Audio's new custom IEM, the Equinox
  • FiiO FH5
  • Chord Hugo M-Scaler
  • ZMF Verite (ZMF does not have the headphones listed yet, links will get added when they are on the website)
  • ZMF Aeolus (ZMF does not have the headphones listed yet, links will get added when they are on the website)
  • Sony MDR-Z7M2
  • Meze Empyrean (Meze currently does not have a product page for the Empyrean up, link will be added when the page is up)
Of course, that is just a teaser of what's to come at the show. We will make sure we get as much listening as we can in and our writing team will be at RMAF as well. They will be coming back with initial impressions.

As always we are excited to see what's coming on the horizon from headphone manufacturers and we are looking to a few surprises at the show as it seems no matter what, there is always a company that flies under the radar before the show and comes out shining at the end!

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