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Symphonium Audio Titan In-Ear Headphones Lifestyle

Symphonium Audio Titan

Looking for an in-ear headphone to satisfy your bass cravings? Look no further than the Symphonium Audio Titan, the IEM that will blow your expectations out of the water at under $1k.

  • TrueX 3-Way Crossover 
  • CORE™ and PHAT Technology 
  • Hybrid BA + Custom Tuned DD Design
  • Forged Carbon Composite Faceplates
  • Anodized AL6061 Aluminium Shell
  • Exclusive 25.5AWG Neptune in 4 Wire Configuration
  • OE Interchangeable Plugs w/3.5mm and 4.4mm Heads
  • Hand-Crafted in Singapore

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    Moondrop x Crinacle DUSK: An Inconvenient Truth

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