We’re two brothers (Taron and Andrew Lissimore) who love headphones and want to share that love with the world.

We think great sound is one of life's true pleasures and that great headphones by extension lead to a better life.

Our business is built on 5 principles:

  1. Curated Selection
    We work tirelessly to source the world's best audio products. We evaluate products for performance, quality and long-term customer satisfaction. Our goal is that you love your purchase from headphones.com for years, not just weeks. In a world bursting with product choices it's more important than ever to apply a ruthless filter to product selection. Everything in our store has met an extremely high bar of quality and long-term customer satisfaction. 

  2. Remarkable Customer Service
    We know that sounds like something a bank would say so we have an internal definition of the experience we want you to have: Service so good that you can't help but tell people about it. 

  3. 365-Day Returns
    A lot of people think we're crazy to offer 365-day returns but we decided to do it anyway. Read more on our 365-day return policy. You can also check out this article CNET wrote about our return policy. 

  4. Community
    We want to give back to the audio community we love. That meant building and supporting The HEADPHONE Community forum and publishing reviews and educational content that people can trust. It also meant handling the inherent conflict of interest that comes with owning a store. We are serious about providing honest information - even if it's negative information about products we sell.

  5. Giving Back
    We take our hearing for granted but there are many children who can't hear and who's families can't afford to help them. World Wide Hearing is a fantastic organization that screens for hearing loss and provides hearing aids to children around the world. It's a game-changer for these kids. A portion of every Headphones.com sale goes toward helping a child hear. 

If you need to get in touch, contact us, we're always happy to help.

Also, make sure to join us on The HEADPHONE Community forum and say hi. 

All the best,

Taron & Andrew Lissimore