Every Purchase Supports a Child's Hearing Needs

As part of our mission to help a worthy cause, Headphones.com has partnered with World Wide Hearing to help those who cannot experience the same sound we sometimes take for granted.

There are 32 million children worldwide with disabling hearing loss. Over 80% of these children live in low-and-middle-income countries. 94% can be helped with hearing aids.

For every pair of headphones purchased on Headphones.com, a percentage of revenue will be donated to support our non-profit partner’s mission. The proceeds will be used to:

  1. Screen children
    Screen Children

  2. Provide a hearing aid
    Provide a Hearing Aid

Better Hearing = Better Lives

Of people in the developing world provided with hearing aids:

  • 86% had an increase in self-confidence
  • 41% no longer had symptoms of depression
  • 23% felt safer
  • 56% said the greatest benefit was being able to communicate with family and friends

These statistics are according to the hearing aid impact study that World Wide Hearing ran in Guatemala with their academic partner.

World Wide Hearing International is a non-profit that provides access to affordable hearing aids and hearing care to children and youth in developing countries and underserved communities.

They do so using a social entrepreneurship model to train local people to provide hearing aids and services to their communities at extremely affordable prices. These programs exist in parallel to, and with the assistance of, existing professional hearing care and audiology services.

World Wide Hearing International connects children to their world through hearing, enabling kids to break free from social isolation and reach their full potential.

For more information, visit wwhearing.org.

World Wide Hearing International