Taron Lissimore

Taron Lissimore

Taron Lissimore is the co-founder of Headphones.com and along with his brother Andrew, has endeavored to share his love of audio with the community as much as humanly possible.

Taron’s passion for audio came about through his Dad, who was always collecting every piece of junk audio equipment he could find to place into storage. Every now and then, he would bring out the PA system and audio interface to host a show or a wedding. Taron became fascinated. However, it wasn’t until Andrew invited him on the journey to start Headphones.com that Taron truly discovered how good the audio experience truly could be.

Outside of audio, Taron used to be a competitive freestyle skier and still skis to this day, is an avid golfer and tennis player, and a not very talented DOTA player. He has spent his adult years cheering for the Vancouver Canucks, an NHL team that has never won anything, and yet their fans have never given up hope.

Mentally sturdy due to the years of watching the Canucks lose again and again, Taron never lets the hard times get him down. People that know him would say that he’s a pretty chill, laid-back guy and you can see that in his writing style.

Taron’s favorite genres include: Synthwave, Underground Hip Hop, terribly recorded 90’s punk rock, Ska, Indie-Folk and Metal.

Taron’s favorite artists include: The Midnight, Iron Maiden, Witt Lowry, DL Incognito, NOFX, Millencolin, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Gaslight Anthem, Less Than Jake, Of Monsters and Men, VHS Collection, and Alexisonfire.

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