Listenmore Etched Headphone Cable

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Say Your Goodbyes to Boa Constrictor Cables, & Say Hello! To Flexibility, Fun, & Color.

Ever wondered why your high-end headphones come with cables that feel like a repurposed garden hose? In our years of selling headphones we've been confronted with every cable complaint imaginable: stiff as a board, microphonic like a walkie-talkie, bulky as a Boa constrictor, and as visually appealing as a muddy puddle. So, we've decided to take matters into our own hands and solve this quandary by building the Listenmore Etched Headphone Cable – a beacon of hope in a sea of subpar cables. 

More Pliable, More Fun, More Compatibility

Our philosophy is simple: a cable shouldn’t just connect your headphones, it should complement your life. While we won’t claim that our cables have magical, sound-enhancing properties (although, if you feel they do, who are we to argue?), we guarantee they’re built to improve your day-to-day experience. The Listenmore Etched Headphone Cable is designed to be universally compatible with all your favourite headphones. Tired of the headphone world's obsession with shades of black? We are too. That's why we’re launching with snazzy Blue and Silver options, with a promise of more vibrant colours to come! Because life’s too short for boring cables.

Etched Headphone Cable Features

Connection Flexibility

The Listenmore Etched Headphone Cable terminates in a 3.5mm connection on the headphone side with your choice of connection on the amplifier side. 3.5mm was chosen as a launch option as it's compatible with the widest range of headphones.

Bringing Fun Back

A decision was made years ago that the only colours audiophiles are allowed to have are Black, White and Silver. Well, we're here to tell you that's wrong. Audio does not need to be dark and drab (despite what Resolve might think), we're allowed to have fun too!

Compatible With Your Favourite Brands


Connect with Focal Elex, Elear, Clear, Elegia, Celestee, Radiance, Clear Mg or Stellia.


Compatible with the Hifiman HE400se, Sundara, Edition XS, Ananda, Arya, HE1000 Stealth, HE1000SE and Susvara


Level up your Meze Audio 99 Classics, 109 Pro, 109 Pro Primal or LIRIC.

Beautiful Design

With thoughtful color choices, and customized designs etched into the intentional connectors, you wont have to compromise on aesthetics with the Listenmore Cables.

Peace & Quiet

Love to hear your shirt rubbing against your headphone cable? No? Then you've come to the right place.

Specifically crafted with microphonics in mind, our cable will be dead silent no matter what material you choose to rub it against.

Light & Pliable

"Gee I hope my headphones come with a 3m cable as thick as my forearm" Said no one.

The Listenmore Etched Headphone Cable is lightweight, pliable and in our opinion, very pleasing to touch.


Here at Listenmore, we firmly believe in considered goods improving your day to day life.

That could mean taking a pound off your head with a lightweight cable, or adorning yourself with eye catching design. Why compromise on aesthetics or function? Instead, introduce some joy to your life with the Etched Cable.

Etched Headphone Cable Customer reviews

What's included?

  • 3m (9.7ft) Listenmore Etched Headphone Cable

Etched Headphone Cable Specifications

Listenmore Etched Headphone Cable Specifications
Colour Blue or Silver
Length 3 metres (9.7 feet)
Connections Headphone Side: Dual 3.5mm (1/8")
Amp Side: 6.35mm (1/4") Single-Ended or 4-Pin XLR Balanced
Compatible Headphones Focal: Elear, Elex, Clear, Elegia, Celestee, Radiance, Clear Mg, Stellia
Hifiman: HE400se, Sundara, Sundara Closed, Edition XS, Ananda, Ananda Stealth, Arya, Arya Stealth, Arya Organic, Audivina, HE1000 Stealth, HE1000SE, Susvara
Meze Audio: 99 Classics, 109 Pro, 109 Pro Primal, LIRIC
HEDD Audio: HEDDphone TWO
Denon: AH-D5200, AH-D7200, AH-D9200
Sony: MDR-Z7M2, MDR-Z1R