Sebastian Taboada

Sebastian Taboada


Sebastian (Chrono) has always been passionate about both technology and audio. While his family has a musical background, and he is a guitarist himself, it wasn’t originally due to music that he got into Hi-Fi, though. Surprisingly enough, it was the pursuit of better audio gear for gaming that first drew his attention to high-end audio, with his first set of Hi-Fi headphones being the 80ohm DT 770 Pro from Beyerdynamic.

After a few years of rocking Beyerdynamic’s classic closed-back (and with the prospect of COVID’s 2020 lockdown forcing everyone to work from home), he decided that his desk audio setup would be greatly enhanced by the acquisition of Audeze’s LCD-2. Experiencing the LCD-2 and the level of fidelity that it achieved compelled Sebastian to start writing about high-end headphones and provide fellow listeners with more information about audio products that were–at the time–not as widely covered.

Being an electric and classical guitarist, Sebastian’s favorite genres include blues, rock, classical, and flamenco among many others. The name “Chrono” originates from his online username which he uses for some of his favorite online games, which include Valorant, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft.

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