Portrait of Douglas Stephens (DMS)

Douglas Stephens


Douglas Started reviewing audio equipment in 2016 by the handle “DMS”. Before this he owned a recording studio in Nashville, TN. Producing, mixing, and mastering grew a love for audio and a hunt for reference-class sound and new audio technologies for greater fidelity in music production. This has led to a wall of headphones and collection of speakers.

Douglas enjoys discussion about the potential applications of new technologies, research, and perception of sound quality. He believes that our understanding of audio, measurements, and listener preferences is still in its early stages, but is still very important to help us better understand what we’re hearing. With this he heavily encourages everyone to keep an open mind in this hobby. None of us will ever know *everything* and there will always be more to learn. With all that said he also believes that accessibility is key in the current landscape for audio as a hobby to continue growing. Primarily focusing on video-content, he aims to make videos that everyone will understand while still providing data in an easy to digest format.

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