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Caleb Loo

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Caleb’s first introduction into the audio world was as FOH engineer and pianist for church bands and live events. Desiring better music in everyday life, he started looking into personal audio gear. And like many new to the hobby, Caleb began with budget IEMs. Specifically, the popular Tin Audio T2.

In fact, it was his first short review of the Tin Audio T2 that put it in the spotlight and opened up the doors to a hobby in reviewing. Linsoul reached out and offered to send him products to review, which he agreed on the condition that there can be no censorship of opinion. Thus, Fc-Construct was born. One thing led to another and soon Fc-Construct wrote alongside Antdroid at before being invited to join the team in May 2021.

Fc-Construct’s articles follow a single principle: What would I want to know if I wanted to buy? That is the reason Caleb started writing. Existing reviews either didn’t address key questions or were filled with unbounded praise with nary a mention of imperfection. He wanted honest thoughts that carefully analyzed the many dimensions of a product and finds nuance in its strengths and weaknesses. In his eyes, buying audio is a personal commitment to discovering what suits you. As such, his reviews strive to provide a critical look at sound with a focus on what is practical, meaningful, and understandable for a prospective customer. He pulls from his experience in live audio mixing to try and translate the technical into the musical. After all, musical enjoyment is crux of this hobby.

Rock and similar genres make up the majority of his library, though he enjoys music across a wide spectrum. He hasn’t gotten too much into EDM or rap just yet. Outside of audio, Caleb majored in biochemistry (hence the Fc-Construct handle) and completed a master’s in biotechnology where he now works in the field of oncology in the biopharmaceutical industry.

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