Ian Dunmore (@Torq) joins the headphones.com and "The HEADPHONE Community" team.

Ian Dunmore (@Torq) joins the headphones.com and "The HEADPHONE Community" team.

We are thrilled to announce that Ian Dunmore, perhaps better known in online audio communities as “Torq”, will be joining headphones.com as Managing Editor for both the main headphones.com site and The HEADPHONE Community

Ian is a long-time music-first audiophile and headphone enthusiast. He has a broad range of experience with audio equipment at all levels and a history of detailed comparative gear reviews.   

In his role he will be coordinating our reviews/reviewers, providing them editorial support as well as continuing to contribute his own reviews and articles. We love Ian's reviews and we think the headphone world is a better place when Ian is writing. 

Headphones.com has been a key part of the headphone community since Tyll Hertsens founded it over a quarter-century ago. Ian has the thoughtfulness, passion, intelligence and values that are central to the headphones.com mission of being the #1 resource for high-quality headphone/personal audio information, reviews, news and articles. 

Here are his last three wonderful reviews, if you'd like to check them out: 

Ian's new headphones.com email address is ian@headphone.com - please join us in congratulating him. We're very excited about the future!

Andrew & Taron Lissimore


P.S. Members of “The HEADPHONE Community” interested in participating in the “Community Review Program,” and manufacturers/vendors with interesting products for review, can contact Ian at “ian@headphone.com.”


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