HeadRoom Audio Standard Headphone Amp - Production Update

HeadRoom Audio Standard Headphone Amp - Production Update

Right off, we want to thank all our HeadRoom Audio Standard Amp pre-order customers and early adopters for making the upcoming release of our first new HeadRoom product in a decade such a resounding triumph.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU from the bottom of our music-loving HeadRoom Audio hearts.

We could not have come this far without all of you.

We are very happy to report that the new Standard Amp parts have begun to arrive en masse, our circuit boards have been tested and QC'd, and the first initial run of chassis are being readied for production.

We remain on time and on schedule for a late October 2016 shipment as promised.

The only tiny wrinkle slowing us down by a few business days is actually a bit of good news. 

Due to the success of the pre-order campaign - and in response to our pre-order customer feedback - we have been able to get better pricing on the new Standard Amp chassis panels featuring an improved, sleeker machined aluminum look and a bolder, cleaner faceplate. We think the sweet new panel designs are well worth the wait of an additional few business days.

Of course, all amplifier internals remain the same hot-rodded topology we originally engineered for the new HeadRoom Audio Standard Amp, so nothing has changed on the inside (so far!).

Again, thank you to all our wonderful HeadRoom Audio supporters - we promise this little headphone rig will blow away any other headphone amp of this size and price or your money back.

And if you haven't ordered one yet, we certainly welcome your Standard Amp order to be placed now right here on our website. It's the best place to buy HeadRoom Audio products anywhere.

Please be assured your hard-earned cash will not only get you some truly supernal headphone listening, but you will also directly support our engineering, research and production of new HeadRoom Audio products into 2017 and beyond - some of which are in the final stages now.


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