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Topping DX3 Pro DAC/Amp - Open Box

Topping DX3 Pro DAC/Amp - Open Box

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Topping DX3 Pro DAC/Amp - Open Box

Regular price $169.99
Sale price $169.99 Regular price $219.99

The Topping DX3 Pro LDAC is an update on the DX3 Pro and it now comes with LDAC capability along with a "Hi-Res Audio Wireless" certification. This new version uses the CSR8675 chipset to support LDAC/AAC/SBC/aptX/aptX /aptX-HD protocol for wireless high-quality audio. To get even better sound quality over Bluetooth, the DX3 Pro LDAC abandons the built-in DAC of the CSR8675 chipset and connects its digital signal to dual AK4493 DACs to decode.

The DX3 Pro LDAC also has an updated amp with the high fidelity headphone amp TPA6120A2 included as a component. You can also set the output mode to preamplifier settings so that the DX3 Pro LDAC works with your existing amplifier or active speakers. For DAC functionality, the output settings can be set as such, and the display screen will show the sampling rate with the volume outputting 2Vrms.

Finally, the DX3 Pro LDAC works both as a Bluetooth headphone amp and receiver. Its USB input is compatible with Android and iOS as well. Note that the Android devices need to be equipped to support OTG USB sound card, whereas the iOS devices will require a special DAC cable or camera kit to connect to the DX3 Pro LDAC.


  • DAC Output (@USB 96K Input)
    • THD+N@A-weighting: <0.0004%@1kHz, <0.0005%@20-20kHz
      • SNR@A-weighting: 120dB@1kHz
      • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz(±0.35dB)
      • Output Level: 2Vrms @ 0dBFS
      • Noise: <2uVrms
      • Channel Crosstalk:-135dB@1kHz
      • Channel Balance: <0.1dB
      • Output Impedance: 100Ω
      • Output Headphone(@USB 96K input)
    • THD+N@A-weighting: <0.001%@1kHz output=77mW(32Ω), 0.002%@20-20kHz output=77mW(32Ω), <0.0006%@1kHz output=13.4mW(300Ω), <0.0006%@20-20kHz output=13.4mW(300Ω)
      • SNR@A-weighting: >120dB@1kHz
      • Frequency Response:20Hz-20kHz(±0.2dB)
      • Output Level: 5.8Vpp@G=0dB, 17.3Vpp@G=9dB
      • Noise: <3uVrms@G=0dB, <7uVrms@G=9dB
      • Channel Crosstalk: -70dB@1kHz
      • Channel Balance: 0.5dB
      • Output Impedance: <10Ω
      • Output Power: 700mW*2@32Ω THD+N<1%, 125mW*2@300Ω THD+N<1%
      • Adapter Impedance: 16-300Ω
  • USB In: 44.1kHz-768kHz/16bit-32bit, DSD64-DSD512 (Native), DSD64-DSD256(DOP)
  • OPT/Coax In: 44.1kHz-192kHz/16bit-24bit


  • 15V1A adapter
  • USB cable
  • Bluetooth antenna
  • Remote control
  • User manual
  • Warranty card