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Sony ZX707 Walkman ZX Series Digital Audio Player

Sony ZX707 Walkman ZX Series Digital Audio Player

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A Masterpiece of Portable Sound

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Sony ZX707 Walkman ZX Series Digital Audio Player

Regular price $799.99
Sale price $799.99 Regular price $899.99
Save 11%

Revolutionized Portable Audio Experience

The Sony ZX707 Walkman ZX Series brings an unparalleled audio experience to the palm of your hand. Inheriting the philosophy of the Signature Walkman®, this device is a testament to Sony's commitment to premium sound quality. It combines a portable design with an impressive 5" display, advanced downloading and streaming capabilities, and an extended battery life, making it an ideal companion for discerning music lovers.

High-End Components for Superior Sound

Sony's dedication to high-quality audio is evident in the ZX707 Walkman ZX Series. It is equipped with top-tier components usually found in elite sound systems, marking a significant advancement in the evolution of exceptional sound in portable devices.

Cutting-Edge Sound Processing Technology

The ZX707 features Sony's unique sound processing technology, offering a diverse range of musical experiences. It elevates listening sessions by enabling users to enjoy various music genres with enhanced audio quality, showcasing Sony's innovative approach to sound.

Extended Battery Life for Uninterrupted Listening

The Walkman's long battery life ensures a prolonged audio experience. With up to 25 hours of 44.1kHz FLAC playback, 23 hours of 96kHz FLAC High-Resolution Audio playback, and 22 hours with music apps, users can indulge in their favorite tracks without worrying about frequent charging.

Premium Design with a Large Display

The NW-ZX700 Series boasts a premium design, featuring a milled aluminum frame and a clear, responsive 5.0" touchscreen display. This elegant design is coupled with portability, ensuring the device is not only a visual treat but also comfortable to carry around.

Wi-Fi® Compatibility and Android™ Support

Enhancing the user experience, the NW-ZX700 Series is fully Wi-Fi® compatible and supported by Android™. This integration allows users to directly download and stream music, access favorite streaming apps, and manage their music collection effortlessly on the Walkman®.

Upgraded Internal Components for Enhanced Sound

Sony has upgraded numerous internal components in the NW-ZX700 Series. These enhancements include large solid high polymer capacitors for accurate bass and clear vocals, FT CAP3 for smoother sound and a wider sound space, and a large coil for balanced output, all contributing to a dramatic evolution in sound quality.

Advanced Features for an Immersive Audio Experience

The NW-ZX700 Series is equipped with several innovative features. These include the S-Master™ HX digital amp for rich, full-bodied sound, an optimized circuit board layout to minimize digital interference, balanced connection for minimized signal loss, and the DSD Remastering Engine for ultra-high-frequency audio. Additionally, the DSEE Ultimate™ and Vinyl Processor restore and enhance the quality of compressed digital music files.

Distinctive Design with Analog Echoes

The Walkman® stands out with its distinctive rear section, designed to accommodate larger audio parts. The volume UI resonates with classic analog design, adding an enjoyable detail to the listening experience. Moreover, the cassette tape UI and screensaver change depending on the music codec, offering a nostalgic touch.

Sony ZX707 Walkman Technical Specifications
Operating System Android 12
Playback & Display
Display Resolution Size: 12.7 cm (5.0-inch), Resolution: HD (1280 x 720 Pixels)
Display Type TFT color display with white LED-backlight
Music Play Mode Shuffle Playback, Repeat Off, Repeat 1 Song, Repeat All, All Range, Selected Range
Music Searching Methods All Songs, Artist, Release Year, Playlists, Album, Genre, Composer, Hi-Res, Recent Transfers, Folder, Cue sheet
Sound Effects Direct Source (Direct), 10 Band equalizer, DC Phase Linearizer, Dynamic Normalizer, Vinyl Processor
Audio Playback
MP3 (.mp3): 32 - 320kbps (supports VBR) / 32, 44.1, 48kHz
WMA (.wma): 32-320kbps (supports VBR) / 44.1kHz (STEREO), 32-48kbps / 44.1kHz (MONO)
FLAC (.flac): 16, 24bit / 8-384kHz
WAV (.wav): 16, 24, 32bit (Float/Integer) / 8-384kHz
AAC (.mp4, .m4a, .3gp): 16-320kbps / 8-48kHz
HE-AAC (.mp4, .m4a, .3gp): 32-144kbps / 8-48kHz
Apple Lossless (.mp4, .m4a): 16, 24bit / 8-384kHz
AIFF (.aif, .aiff, .afc, .aifc): 16, 24, 32bit / 8-384kHz
DSD (.dsf, .dff): 1bit / 2.8224, 5.6448, 11.2896 MHz
APE (.ape): 8, 16, 24bit / 8-192kHz (Fast, Normal, High)
MQA (.mqa.flac): Supported
Touch Panel Supported