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Moondrop Venus Headphones

Moondrop Venus Headphones

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Open-back headphone designs are often higher-performance but have poor noise isolation and leak sound. Closed-back designs provide better noise isolation and leak less sound.


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Over-ear headphones sit over your ear and surround your ear with a ring of padding. On-ear headphones are padded but rest on top of your ear. In-ear monitors are worn inside your ear canal.


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Speakers and headphones use a device called a 'driver' to create sound. Different types of drivers have different strengths and weaknesses, but can all produce great sound. Common varieties include dynamic, planar magnetic, and electrostatic.

Planar Magnetic

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Some headphones require the power of an amplifier to reach comfortable listening volumes.


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Connectivity refers to the method in which the headphones connect to the audio source. Headphones can be either wired or wireless.


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Moondrop Venus Headphones

Regular price $599.99
Sale price $599.99 Regular price $599.99

100mm Sub-Nanometer Diaphragm Dynamic Driver

The larger vibration delivers stronger dynamics, the thin diaphragm responds to finer details. That’s why Venus adopts a diaphragm with a diameter of 100mm and a thickness of only 2 microns, and its printed circuit on the diaphragm is made of 1um pure silver. And the pure silver etched circuit results in lower heat loss.

N52 Magnet Array & Secondary Diaphragm Stress Balance Technology

Venus features an array of 18 N52 magnets with high remanence on one side. Through FEA finite element analysis optimization design, the magnetic field parallel to the diaphragm is evenly distributed. This headphone can further reduce the split vibration and vibration nonlinearity of the diaphragm. After the diaphragm has been molded, the stress on it is released and then equalized a second time. As a result of this additional process, the nonlinear distortion of the diaphragm under loud pressure is reduced by at least 95%.

Integrated Driver-Cavity Structure

To withstand very large tension loads because of the large number of N52 magnets used to form arrays, the Moondrop Venus utilizes an aluminum alloy CNC cavity that accommodates a larger diaphragm in a limited volume. And its overall weight is lowered as much as possible while ensuring the rigidity of the structure that supports the magnetic circuit grid of 36 large neodymium magnets.

High Frequency Waveguide Phase Equalization Technology

Venus features a unique combined high-frequency waveguide structure, which minimizes the phase interference of the grid magnets in the transmission of high-frequency sound waves, while avoiding the negative impact of the volume and efficiency of the magnetic circuit.

Interchangeable Cable Design & Self-Adjusting Leather Headband

With the characteristics of an interchangeable cable design with 3.5mm headphone connectors for the right/left channels. Users can easily replace the cable to meet different requirements. Besides, Venus characterizes a self-adjusting leather headband, thus ensuring the most comfortable wearing experience possible.