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Moondrop Alice True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Moondrop Alice True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

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Sale price $189.99 Regular price $189.99

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Open-back headphone designs are often higher-performance but have poor noise isolation and leak sound. Closed-back designs provide better noise isolation and leak less sound.


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Over-ear headphones sit over your ear and surround your ear with a ring of padding. On-ear headphones are padded but rest on top of your ear. In-ear monitors are worn inside your ear canal.


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Speakers and headphones use a device called a 'driver' to create sound. Different types of drivers have different strengths and weaknesses, but can all produce great sound. Common varieties include dynamic, planar magnetic, and electrostatic.


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Connectivity refers to the method in which the headphones connect to the audio source. Headphones can be either wired or wireless.


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Moondrop Alice True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Regular price $189.99
Sale price $189.99 Regular price $189.99

Moondrop Alice is a brand new flagship grade TWS designed with top-quality components and an optimized DSP structure to deliver an impressive sound performance that matches the performance of HiFi-wired IEMs. Alice comes equipped with ULT Super Linear Dynamic Driver with a third-generation DLC diaphragm coil. It brings us the perfect combination of the convenience of a TWS earphone and the performance of a wired set.


  • Specially developed TWS to match the hit-quality performance of Wired IEMs
  • Premium ULT Ultra Linear Dynamic Driver
  • Third-gen DLC Diamond Like Composite Diaphragm
  • Tuned based on VDSF Tuning Curve
  • Utilises VDSF+ Soundstage Algorithm
  • Optimised DSP Functions
  • Moondrop Link application support
  • Ten Different DSP Profiles
  • Open Professional Parametric Equaliser
  • Qualcomm’s Latest QC5151 Bluetooth chip
  • AptX Adaptive High-Res Transmission Protocol
  • ENC Noise-Cancelling Microphone Technology
  • Long Battery Life(8+40 Hours)
  • Wireless Charging support(wireless charger not included)
  • Package Weight: 0.55kg

Premium ULT Ultra-Linear Dynamic Driver

Moondrop Alice comes equipped with their in-house developed ULT Ultra-Linear dynamic driver unit. This is the same driver unit that they featured in their flagship Kato single dynamic driver IEMs. It adopts a third-generation DLC(Diamond-Like Composite) diaphragm coil for unparalleled sound performance.

Qualcomm’s Latest Bluetooth Chipset

Alice features Qualcomm’s latest QCC5151 Bluetooth processor chip. It has the latest Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity and provides unprecedented wireless performance with a stable, lag-free Bluetooth connection with the source device. It supports AptX Adaptive transmission protocol for best performance.

Professional Tuning Adjustments

Moondrop has got years of expertise in designing premium IEMs and TWS. They have tuned their latest flagship Alice following the VDSF tuning curve. They have utilized the VDSF+ soundstage algorithm to deliver an outstanding sound performance with pretty solid detailing and an amazing soundstage.

Moondrop Link Support

Alice is completely integrated with the new Moondrop Link application. It supports an open parametric equalizer and also has 10 pre-built DSP profiles for easy pre-built eq effects.

Clearer Calls With ENC Microphone Technology

Moondrop Alice utilized the ENC technology of the QCC5151 Bluetooth processor. It has dual microphones on the shells that read the environmental noises and presents you with a cleaner and richer voice transmission during calls.

Extended Battery Life

With proper DSP optimizations and a larger battery, the Moondrop Alice provides listeners with extended battery life. With a single full charge, the earphones can play music continuously for up to 8 hours. With the charging case, this number gets increased to up to 40 hours.