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LeeLoo Desktop Tube Headphone Amplifier

LeeLoo Desktop Tube Headphone Amplifier

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Vacuum tube

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LeeLoo Desktop Tube Headphone Amplifier

Regular price $1,599
Sale price $1,599 Regular price $2,899.00
Save 45% x Ampsandsound Leeloo desktop tube headphone amplifier

First came the Leeloo, then the Pendant. Now the Leeloo returns better than ever! Forged in collaboration with Justin and his team at Ampsandsound the team is thrilled to present the new and improved Leeloo. Not only will it sound magical for your headphone needs but you can also pair it with your favourite pair of efficient speakers to produce a truly euphoric experience.

Some of our favourite speaker combinations with the Leeloo Tube Amplifier are the KEF LS50, JBL L100 & Klipsch Heresy. 


  • Single Ended Ultra Linear tube amp
  • Low Z Headphone Output ( 8 ohm)
  • High Z Headphone Output (100 ohm)
  • 8 Ohm Speaker taps outputting 3W
  • Choke-filtered PSU for dead-quiet sound reproduction
  • Stepped attenuator volume control
  • Sleek, Matte Black Wood Chassis
  • Custom wound ultra-high quality output transformers
  • World-Class Support from and Ampsandsound

Supplied Tubes

  • Input Tube: 12AX7 or equivalent (x1)
  • Rectifier: EZ81 or 6CA4
  • Output Tubes: EL84 (x2)