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KEF Q350 Passive Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

KEF Q350 Passive Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

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KEF Q350 Passive Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

Regular price $799.99
Sale price $799.99 Regular price $799.99

Musical Enjoyment with Space Efficiency

When space is a consideration, the KEF Q350 Passive Bookshelf Speakers offer uncompromised musical enjoyment. These speakers are designed to elevate your listening experience without limiting your space. Thanks to the Uni-Q driver and innovative port design, the Q350s can open up the soundstage, ensuring that you enjoy every nuance of your favourite music and movies.

Uni-Q Driver and CFD Port Design

The KEF Q350s are equipped with the signature Uni-Q driver array and a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) port. These technologies work in harmony to deliver natural, detailed sound with high clarity and tight bass. The Uni-Q driver array positions the tweeter at the center of the midrange and bass cone, creating a single point source for sound that is dispersed evenly throughout the room. KEF's 'tangerine' waveguide over the tweeter enhances the accuracy of the three-dimensional soundstage.

Enhanced Tweeter and Bass Reproduction

The Q350s feature an enhanced tweeter design with a damped loading tube that improves lower treble performance dramatically. This design refinement, coupled with a new low-distortion inductor on the crossover, ensures cleaner bass and more defined sound. The speakers excel in reproducing the nuances of bass instruments, delivering cleaner bass at high volumes. The larger roll surround and new suspension of KEF drivers contribute to improved bass quality and midrange clarity.

Speaker Cabinet Design

The Q350s feature a thoughtfully designed speaker cabinet that optimizes sound quality. By placing the Uni-Q driver in its own sealed cabinet, the load on the cone is reduced, resulting in increased clarity, detail, and cleaner bass. Improvements to the driver allow the elimination of the DC blocking capacitor from the crossover, enhancing midrange clarity and offering a more natural roll-off between drivers.

Technical Specifications

  • 1" vented aluminum dome tweeter with waveguide
  • 6-1/2" aluminum woofer
  • Uni-Q® driver array technology creates a larger listening "sweet spot"
  • Frequency response: 63-28,000 Hz (±3 dB)
  • Sensitivity: 87 dB
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Recommended amplifier power: 15-120 watts
  • Bass-reflex cabinet with CFD rear-firing port
  • Binding post speaker terminals
  • Dimensions: 8-5/16"W x 14-1/4"H x 12-1/16"D (with rubber feet)
  • Weight: 16.8 lbs. (each)
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • MFR # Q350B

Package Contents

  • 2 KEF Q350 Passive Bookshelf loudspeakers
  • 2 Foam port plugs
  • 8 Self-adhesive rubber feet
  • Owner's Manual
  • Warranty Information

Elevate Your Listening Experience

Discover the world of rich, detailed sound with the KEF Q350 Passive Bookshelf Speakers. The combination of Uni-Q driver technology, innovative design, and enhanced bass reproduction ensures that these speakers deliver an immersive and enjoyable auditory experience. Transform your music and home theater enjoyment with the Q350s' exceptional performance and precise sound reproduction.