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KEF KC92 Powered Subwoofer

KEF KC92 Powered Subwoofer

Regular price $1,999.99
Sale price $1,999.99 Regular price $1,999.99

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KEF KC92 Powered Subwoofer

Regular price $1,999.99
Sale price $1,999.99 Regular price $1,999.99

Twin 9-inch Driver Force-Cancelling Subwoofer

Discover the power of deep, impactful bass with the KEF KC92 Powered Subwoofer. Featuring twin 9-inch force-cancelling drivers powered by a colossal 1000W (RMS) amplification, the KC92 is engineered for precision and immersive listening experiences. KEF's Music Integrity Engine® ensures that every note is delivered with exceptional clarity and depth.

Enhanced Design for Optimal Performance

The KC92 builds on the legacy of the KF92, retaining its elegant and compact design while optimizing performance. This subwoofer is a testament to KEF's commitment to combining aesthetic appeal with superior audio capabilities.

KEF's Music Integrity Engine®

At the heart of the KC92 is KEF's proprietary DSP technology, the Music Integrity Engine®. This advanced system ensures seamless integration of all components, delivering bass that is both deeper and more precise, enhancing your listening experience at any volume level.

Force-Cancelling Configuration for Distortion-Free Sound

The innovative force-cancelling configuration of the KC92's twin drivers neutralizes reactive forces, allowing the subwoofer to produce sound pressure levels of 110dB from a compact, sealed cabinet. This design ensures distortion-free depth and unparalleled precision in bass reproduction.

Advanced Driver Technology

The KC92's drivers feature a hybrid aluminium/paper cone and an oversized motor system with a vented design, ensuring minimal distortion and maximum precision. The P-Flex Surround technology allows the driver to move more accurately, further enhancing the subwoofer's performance.

Powerful Amplification for Dynamic Bass

With 1000W RMS (2 x 500W) of power, the KC92 subwoofer delivers exceptional control and the ability to provide sudden bursts of power when needed. This ensures a dynamic and engaging listening experience, whether you're enjoying music, movies, or gaming.

Versatile Connectivity and Easy Integration

The KC92 offers a range of connection options, including KEF SmartConnect and speaker level inputs, ensuring effortless setup and integration into any system. The line output with High Pass Filter (HPF) allows for fine-tuned integration with your existing speakers.

Intuitive Room Position EQ and Multiple Power Modes

The KC92 features five room position EQ options, allowing for optimal performance regardless of placement. Additionally, multiple power modes, including 'Auto wake up', 'Always on', and '12V trigger', provide convenience and energy efficiency.

Designed for Performance and Aesthetics

The compact, sealed box construction of the KC92 not only enhances the flexibility of positioning but also improves the speed and clarity of the bass response. The timeless design and minimalistic aesthetic make it a perfect addition to any interior.

Wireless Integration and Future-Proofing

The optional KW1 wireless adapter enables optimal placement without the constraints of cables, ensuring high-quality transmission of audio. The USB-C input allows for easy firmware updates, ensuring that the KC92 remains at the forefront of subwoofer technology.

Experience the KEF Difference

With the KEF KC92 Powered Subwoofer, you're not just getting a subwoofer; you're getting over 60 years of KEF's innovation and expertise in crafting award-winning speakers. Bring home the immersive power of deep, detailed bass and experience modern immersive sound like never before.

In the Box

The KC92 subwoofer comes with a power cord, Euroblock speaker level connector, user manual, and warranty information, ensuring that you have everything you need to elevate your audio experience.