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Final Audio

Final Audio D7000 Headphones - Open Box

Final Audio D7000 Headphones - Open Box

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Open-back headphone designs are often higher-performance but have poor noise isolation and leak sound. Closed-back designs provide better noise isolation and leak less sound.


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Over-ear headphones sit over your ear and surround your ear with a ring of padding. On-ear headphones are padded but rest on top of your ear. In-ear monitors are worn inside your ear canal.


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Speakers and headphones use a device called a 'driver' to create sound. Different types of drivers have different strengths and weaknesses, but can all produce great sound. Common varieties include dynamic, planar magnetic, and electrostatic.

Planar Magnetic

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Some headphones require the power of an amplifier to reach comfortable listening volumes.


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Connectivity refers to the method in which the headphones connect to the audio source. Headphones can be either wired or wireless.


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DACs and amplifiers can either be carried around or meant for static desktop use

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Final Audio

Final Audio D7000 Headphones - Open Box

Regular price $2,899
Sale price $2,899 Regular price $3,499.00
Save 17%

All Final Audio D7000 Open Box Headphones are tested, inspected and cleaned by our team and are guaranteed to be in like-new condition. 

Unveiling the Final Audio D7000 Open-Back Planar Magnetic Headphones

Introducing the latest innovation from the esteemed brand Final Audio: the D7000 Open-Back Planar Magnetic Headphones, now available at As the newest addition to the prestigious D series, the D7000 stands as a testament to Final Audio's unwavering commitment to delivering an "indistinguishable world of reality and experience," encapsulating listeners in an unparalleled immersive soundscape.

Final Audio's Vision: Crafting the Immersive Experience

Final Audio’s mission to provide an unmatched auditory experience is exemplified in the D7000. With meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to quality, these headphones are designed to envelop listeners in a world where the boundary between reality and sound is seamlessly blurred, elevating the standard of immersive audio excellence.

The Innovation Behind D7000's Asymmetrical Sound Diffusion Structure

The D7000 boasts a newly designed asymmetrical sound diffusion structure, a breakthrough in reducing the impact of ear shape on sound quality. Final Audio has harnessed extensive data simulation and ear shape analysis to craft this innovative design, ensuring that the headphones deliver pristine audio fidelity tailored to the unique contours of each listener's ears.

Enhanced AFDS Diaphragm: The Core of D7000's Acoustic Mastery

At the heart of the D7000’s acoustic performance lies the enhanced AFDS diaphragm. This component complements the asymmetrical sound diffusion structure, offering high-resolution detail, natural low frequencies, and an open soundstage. The headphones present music with an authentic, detailed character, inviting users to explore the depths of their audio with newfound clarity and depth.

Comfort and Sustainability: The Open-Type Ear Pads and Headband

Final Audio has not only focused on sound but also on the tactile experience. The D7000 features newly developed open-type ear pads and a headband utilizing Japanese artisanal kraft paper fabric. This choice marries comfort with sustainability, providing a breathable, durable, and long-lasting listening experience that respects both the user and the environment.

Precision Manufacturing: Final Audio's Exclusive Production in Japan

Quality is paramount in the creation of the D7000, which is why each unit is assembled with precision in Final Audio's exclusive factory in Japan. The meticulous design and manufacturing of production jigs and measuring tools ensure that every headphone meets the highest standards of assembly precision, contributing to the remarkable quality of the Final Audio D7000.

"Made in Japan": A Seal of Uncompromising Quality

The "Made in Japan" hallmark is a seal of excellence, representing Final Audio's access to high-quality raw materials and collaborative relationships with manufacturers. This advantage allows Final Audio to control every aspect of production, from material procurement to final assembly, assuring that each D7000 headphone is a paragon of quality.

Final Audio D7000 Headphones Technical Specifications

Specification Detail
Model number FI-D7PAL
Housing Aluminum magnesium alloy
Driver AFDS planar magnetic field type
Cable Detachable oxygen-free copper cable
Plug type OFC 6.3mmφ standard plug
Sensitivity 89dB/mW
Impedance 50Ω
Mass 437g (excluding cable)
Cord length 3m