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Chord Electronics

Chord Electronics 2go

Chord Electronics 2go

Regular price $1,500
Sale price $1,500 Regular price $1,500.00

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Chord Electronics

Chord Electronics 2go

Regular price $1,500
Sale price $1,500 Regular price $1,500.00

Redefining the Hugo 2 Experience with 2go

Meet the Chord 2go, the revolutionary streamer/server that transforms your Hugo 2 into a wireless streaming powerhouse with a staggering 4 TB of microSD card storage. This high-performance attachment not only elevates your Hugo 2 DAC to new heights but also introduces the convenience and quality of Wi-Fi and Ethernet streaming to your audio experience. Get ready to explore the full potential of your music collection, all through the award-winning technology of the Hugo 2 DAC.

A Library in Your Pocket

Imagine carrying up to 4 TB of your favorite music wherever you go. The 2go streamer/server makes this a reality with its dual 2 TB-rated microSD card slots, turning your Hugo 2 into a vast digital music server. Whether you're streaming or playing back from your extensive digital library, 2go ensures your Hugo 2 is not just a DAC but a comprehensive audio solution.

Pure Audio, Unplugged

2go's synergy with Hugo 2 goes beyond mere functionality. It enhances your audio experience by allowing all forms of digital playback to benefit from battery power alone. This eliminates the need for external power supplies, offering the ultimate purist audio experience. With 2go, your music isn't just portable; it's also powered with the purity of battery life, ensuring unmatched sound quality.

Advanced British Engineering in a Compact Form

Chord's proprietary British technology is at the heart of the 2go, featuring highly advanced miniaturized electronic engineering that upholds the brand's reputation for world-leading amplifiers and DACs. When combined with Hugo 2, the 2go streamer/server stands as the most sonically advanced compact music streamer available today, offering an unparalleled audio experience.

Connectivity at its Finest

The 2go streamer/server offers the perfect balance between wireless freedom and wired stability. Enjoy the convenience of 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and A2DP Bluetooth® for seamless streaming, or rely on the robustness of Gigabit Ethernet for a set-up-free, plug-and-play operation. The 2go doesn't just connect your music; it ensures stable, high-quality playback regardless of your preferred method.

Streaming Services and Interfacing at Your Fingertips

With 2go, your streaming options are limitless. Enjoy native support for Tidal, Qobuz, and Internet radio, with Spotify and other services set to join the roster. Fully Roon Ready, DLNA-compliant, and AirPlay-ready, 2go offers gapless audio, DoP/Bit Perfect support, and a comprehensive audio interface to suit all your streaming needs.

Seamless Source Switching

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual input switching. 2go's auto-switching input function keeps every audio interface always on, allowing effortless swapping between inputs with a simple 'play' command on your control point app. Enjoy a seamless user experience as 2go smartly navigates between different sources and streaming services without missing a beat.

The Ultimate Convenience in Audio Streaming

The Chord 2go streamer/server isn't just an accessory; it's an essential component that redefines the boundaries of high-fidelity portable audio. With its vast storage capacity, cutting-edge connectivity options, and seamless integration with Hugo 2, the 2go promises an audio experience that's as limitless as your music library. Whether at home or on the move, prepare to immerse yourself in a world of pristine sound, tailored perfectly to your lifestyle.