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Aune Audio

Aune Audio AR5000 Headphones

Aune Audio AR5000 Headphones

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Open-back headphone designs are often higher-performance but have poor noise isolation and leak sound. Closed-back designs provide better noise isolation and leak less sound.


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Over-ear headphones sit over your ear and surround your ear with a ring of padding. On-ear headphones are padded but rest on top of your ear. In-ear monitors are worn inside your ear canal.


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Speakers and headphones use a device called a 'driver' to create sound. Different types of drivers have different strengths and weaknesses, but can all produce great sound. Common varieties include dynamic, planar magnetic, and electrostatic.


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Connectivity refers to the method in which the headphones connect to the audio source. Headphones can be either wired or wireless.


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DACs and amplifiers can either be carried around or meant for static desktop use

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Aune Audio

Aune Audio AR5000 Headphones

Regular price $299
Sale price $299 Regular price $299.00

Introducing the Aune Audio AR5000 Headphones, a masterpiece of engineering and design that delivers an extraordinary listening experience. From its innovative MLD driver to its patented wearing system, the AR5000 headphones are crafted to provide an unparalleled audio journey.

Innovative Driver Technology

The AR5000 headphones feature an advanced 50mm dynamic driver with an open-back design. The Multi-Layer Distributed (MLD) diaphragm offers a perfect balance of stiffness and damping, addressing the common issue of driver break-up. This results in ultra-low distortion across the entire frequency range, ensuring high transparency and an impressive frequency response up to 41 kHz. Every musical detail is reproduced with exceptional clarity and precision.

Powerful and Deep Bass Performance

Experience the majesty of powerful, deep bass with the AR5000 headphones. The newly developed acoustic suspension and airflow system enhance the linearity of cone movement, equalizing internal pressure and sound velocity. This innovative design produces a dynamic performance with smooth, deep bass, perfect for both symphonies and modern genres. The AR5000 effortlessly captures the intensity and grandeur of every musical piece.

Superior Comfort for Extended Listening

Comfort meets innovation with the AR5000's patented "concentric circle" fitting system. Combined with a lightweight design, this system ensures a superb wearing experience. The meticulously adjusted headband and ear cup curvature provide a perfect fit, eliminating pressure points. The breathable, acoustically slow-rebounding sponge ear cups fully cover the ears, allowing for hours of comfortable listening without fatigue.

Versatile and Easy to Drive

With a nominal impedance of 28 ohms, the AR5000 headphones are easy to drive with a wide range of devices. Whether you’re using high-quality portable devices or desktop setups, these headphones deliver impressive performance. The AR5000 reveals its full potential across various sources, offering endless possibilities for audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

Detachable Cable Design for Versatility

The AR5000 headphones come with a detachable 3.5mm jack cable, compatible with most upgrade cables on the market. This universal interface provides great versatility, allowing users to switch between different cable types easily. For those who prefer a balanced connection, 4.4 mm cables are available separately.

Elegant and Durable Aesthetic

The AR5000 combines aesthetics with functionality, featuring beautifully CNC-machined curves and a delicate champagne gold plating. This design exudes subtle elegance and sophistication. Each pair of headphones is meticulously crafted with over a hundred individual components, ensuring a perfect blend of acoustics, ergonomics, and visual appeal. Aune Audio has registered both a utility model and a design patent for the AR5000, reflecting their commitment to innovation and quality.

Immersive and Relaxing Sound Experience

The AR5000 headphones are designed to deliver a neutral and balanced sound, characterized by exceptional musicality. Voices and instruments are reproduced with engaging, tantalizing richness. These headphones are not just about sound quality; they are about providing a soothing, relaxing experience that immerses you in your favorite music, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Technical Specifications

Driver 50mm Dynamic
Frequency Range 5Hz - 41kHz
Nominal Impedance 28 ohms
Sensitivity at 1kHz/1Vrms 108dB SPL
THD at 1kHz 100dB SPL < 0.03%
Cable 1.5m OFC Detachable
Headphone Weight Approx 350g
Shipping Weight Approx 1.25kg
Package Dimensions 290mm x 260mm x 130mm

What’s in the Box?

  • Aune Audio AR5000 Headphones
  • Owner's Manual
  • 1.5m Cable with 3.5mm Termination
  • 3.5mm to 6.35mm Adapter

Discover the exquisite sound and unmatched comfort of the Aune Audio AR5000 Headphones at Elevate your listening experience with this remarkable blend of technology and design.