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AudioQuest Evergreen RCA-RCA Analog Interconnect

AudioQuest Evergreen RCA-RCA Analog Interconnect

Regular price $73.95
Sale price $73.95 Regular price $73.95

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AudioQuest Evergreen RCA-RCA Analog Interconnect

Regular price $73.95
Sale price $73.95 Regular price $73.95

Solid Long-Grain Copper Conductors for Clarity

The AudioQuest Evergreen RCA-RCA Cable is crafted with solid Long-Grain Copper conductors, which have fewer oxides, impurities, and grain boundaries compared to standard copper. This superior construction reduces magnetic and electrical interference within the cable, ensuring a clearer and more precise audio signal transmission.

Foamed-Polyethylene Insulation for Reduced Distortion

To further enhance the audio signal integrity, the Evergreen cable utilizes foamed-polyethylene insulation. This creates an air insulator around the conductors, significantly reducing energy absorption and distortion in the cable. The result is a more accurate and faithful reproduction of your music.

Metal-Layer Noise-Dissipation System for RF Interference Blockage

The Evergreen cable features a metal-layer noise-dissipation system that effectively blocks RF interference from entering the ground plane of the cable. This ensures that your audio signal remains free from external noise, providing a cleaner and more enjoyable listening experience.

Double-Balanced Asymmetrical Geometry for Improved Dynamics

The double-balanced asymmetrical geometry of the Evergreen cable lowers the impedance on the ground plane and improves the dynamic response of the signal. This geometry enhances the overall audio performance, delivering a more lively and engaging sound.

High-Pressure Cold-Welded Connections for Signal Integrity

AudioQuest's high-pressure cold-welded connections are used in the Evergreen cable to ensure that the joints between the cable and hardware do not degrade the signal clarity. This meticulous construction technique preserves the integrity of the audio signal from source to output.

Gold-Plated RCA Plugs for Optimal Conductance

The RCA plugs of the Evergreen cable are gold-plated to improve electrical conductance and ensure a stable connection. Gold's resistance to oxidation, tarnishing, and corrosion means that the plugs will maintain their quality and performance over time.

Designed for the Audiophile

The AudioQuest Evergreen RCA-RCA Cable is designed with the audiophile in mind. Every aspect of its construction, from the materials used to the geometric design, is aimed at delivering the highest quality audio experience. Whether you're connecting your stereo system, home theater, or other audio components, the Evergreen cable is engineered to elevate your listening experience.

In the Box

Each AudioQuest Evergreen RCA-RCA Cable comes with everything you need to get started, including the cable itself and a user guide. Upgrade your audio setup with the Evergreen cable and experience the difference in sound quality that AudioQuest is known for.