On Ear Headphones

Instead of fitting around the ear with pads that contact the side of the head, these headphones are designed to fit with the pads resting on the ear as the name suggests. Usually these headphones are smaller and lighter to ensure they're still comfortable when fitting on top of the ear, and this also means that the transducers used are often smaller as well.

Also known as 'earpad' headphones,  this type of headphone offers a wide variety of listening uses, styles and applications.

If you’re looking for a headphone that’s travel friendly, for active uses, or simply a great bang-for-the-buck value, there are likely several on-ear headphones perfect for your needs.

  • On ear headphones can sound nearly as good as full size models and they're often offered at more affordable prices.  

  • Many on ear headphones fold or collapse for transit and come with travel cases, allowing easy portability.

  • Some on ear headphones come equipped with built-in mics for smartphone and tablet users.  

  • On ear headphones are typically excellent for active use or for all-day wearing at work or school due to their light weight and good comfort.

*BIG TIP*: The key to finding the ideal on-ear headphone is to obtain a stable secure fit on the head. The headphones should sit squarely on the outer part of the ear and cover the ear opening completely. The proper ergonomic fit of on-ear / earpad headphones will play a huge role in the overall sound quality performance and isolation ability of the headphone.