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Theo Lee


Theo, who reviews under the handle Precogvision, entered the world of audio as a freshman in college. An innocuous, window-shopping session online piqued his interest in a pair of IEMs (in-ear-monitors). At the time, he knew these as little more than the specialized earphones that musicians used. But reading the plethora of gushing reviews with audiophile lingo - words describing the sound that he didn’t understand, but that were undoubtedly positive - he decided to purchase a pair. He hated these IEMs.

After being burned once, and then surveying the landscape of the reviewing scene, Theo saw an opportunity to do better. The first few months entering the scene were an uphill battle, but Theo was able to leverage previous writing experience. Around this time, he also discovered an audio community on Discord where many listeners, like himself, were dissatisfied with the status quo. It was in this community that he happened to cross paths with Taron Lissimore of When it was clear that their interests and values aligned, Theo was brought onto the team in August 2020.

In the last couple years since joining the team, Theo has quickly built a reputation for his honest, critical reviews. He also graduated college in April 2022. While he now has a full-time role in healthcare data analysis, he continues to write and film reviews for the team as a specialist in IEMs.

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