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Symphonium Audio Titan In-Ear Headphones Lifestyle

Symphonium Audio Titan

Looking for an in-ear headphone to satisfy your bass cravings? Look no further than the Symphonium Audio Titan, the IEM that will blow your expectations out of the water at under $1k.

  • TrueX 3-Way Crossover 
  • CORE™ and PHAT Technology 
  • Hybrid BA + Custom Tuned DD Design
  • Forged Carbon Composite Faceplates
  • Anodized AL6061 Aluminium Shell
  • Exclusive 25.5AWG Neptune in 4 Wire Configuration
  • OE Interchangeable Plugs w/3.5mm and 4.4mm Heads
  • Hand-Crafted in Singapore

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  • Sennheiser HD 620S - Perhaps Unexciting, But Worth Considering

    Sennheiser HD 620S - Does It Deserve A Spot In The 6 Series?

    Any headphone laying claim to a spot within Sennheiser's hallowed 6 series needs to have the chops to back it up, and therein lies the question: Is the HD 620S actually good enough to be *the* 6 series closed back, or has the HD 620S been placed in a series it neither lives up to nor competes with? Let's talk about it.

  • Meze Alba Review: Meze (Mostly) Makes its Mark

    Meze Alba Review: Meze (Mostly) Makes its Mark

    If you've heard of Meze, it's for their cult favourites headphones such as the Meze Empyrean, Elite, and 99 Classics. But they've flown under the radar when it comes to IEMs. With the release of their new $160 Alba, Meze hopes to change that. Fc-Construct discusses if the Alba will put Meze on the map.

  • Elysian Acoustics Pilgrim Review: A Step Along the Journey

    Elysian Acoustics Pilgrim Review: A Step Along the Journey

    Elysian Acoustics a boutique IEM brand from Malaysia that's produced a number of highly acclaimed IEMs. However, they often cost a few thousand dollars and production can take quite a bit of time. Enter the Pilgrim. At $400, it offers a taste of the Elysian Acoustics sound at a fraction of the price. How well does that promise hold true? Fc-Construct takes a look.

  • Truthear GATe - New Ultra-Budget King?

    Truthear GATe - New Ultra-Budget King?

    The Hola was Truthear’s first entry into the ultra-budget space, and it was an exceptionally-balanced offering. Now we’ve gotten its replacement with the GATe, and the question must be answered: after Truthear discontinued what was arguably their most universally-beloved IEM, is the GATe actually a worthy replacement?

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