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Focal Bathys

Enjoy sound immersion and freedom of movement with Focal's first wireless Active Noise Cancelling Hi-Fi headphone the Bathys.

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  • Moondrop FREE DSP Review & Measurements
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    Moondrop FREE DSP Review & Measurements

  • Samsung Galaxy Buds FE

    Samsung Galaxy Buds FE Review: The TWS Earbuds I Thought I Wanted

    The Samsung Galaxy Buds FE is the cheapest TWS product with proper ANC from a big tech company. Is it finally time to make the switch?

  • Truthear Nova: On a Theme

    Truthear Nova: On a Theme

    Nova’s release was met with some pretty massive hype due to it being Truthear’s first product over $100. But now that I have it in for testing, does the Nova actually improve upon its predecessors enough to command a price roughly double that the Hexa?

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    Sennheiser Accentum Review

    Headphone enthusiast Resolve takes a look at the Sennheiser Accentum wireless noise cancelling headphones. Find out if the "baby Momentum" is worthy of its namesake.

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