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Hifiman Arya Headphones | Stealth Magnets Edition

Hifiman Arya Headphones | Stealth Magnets Edition

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Expansive soundstage and a bright sound signature

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Planar Magnetic

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Hifiman Arya Headphones | Stealth Magnets Edition

Regular price $649
Sale price $649 Regular price $1,299.00
Save 50%

Our Take: A direct competitor to the Sennheiser HD800S, Focal Clear and Audeze LCD-X, the Hifiman Arya are perfect for anyone that craves an expansive soundstage (not on the level of the HD800S) and a brighter sound signature. Lightweight and comfortable, the Arya are easy to leave on your head all day while you're at the office or at home listening to music. With a recent price drop from $1599 to $1299, the Hifiman Arya Planar Magnetic Headphones will not disappoint. 

Hifiman Arya Planar Magnetic Over-Ear Headphones |

Arya is the culmination of HifiMan’s work. Never has a company brought this kind of Planar performance at this price point. Fast, wide soundstage and mind-blowing detail make the Arya a must-listen. HifiMan Arya features a driver based on the HE1000 V2 headphones, one of the best drivers on the market in our opinion, which raises the sonic characteristics to a considerably higher level than similarly priced products.

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Hifiman Arya Planar Magnetic Headphones Side View with iFi Audio Pro iCAN |

“Our HE1000 series is an audiophile favorite. In particular, the 1000 V2 continues to be one of our best-selling models to date,” said Dr. Fang Bian, Founder and CEO, HIFIMAN Electronics. “Our experience working and reworking the technology until we reached sonic perfection gave us the ability to adapt many of the same technical features in a headphone that is accessible to a wider audience of music lovers.”

Hifiman Arya side view on headphone stand |

With an ergonomic design to comfortably fit most listeners, the Arya incorporates such HIFIMAN features such as the patented “window shade” system that reduces reflections to widen the soundstage. A super-thin diaphragm guarantees faster response and the bare minimum of distortion.

As with all new HIFIMAN products, the Arya features 3.5mm headphone connectors that are angled at 10°, thereby lessening the pressure points associated with straight-angled connectors. These pressure points sometimes stress the connection, but the new design ensures a solid, reliable, and long-lasting link between the headphone and the cable.

Nanometer Thickness Diaphram 
A breakthrough core technology developed by HIFIMAN, it’s the first of its kind in headphone applications. Working with this advanced material is extremely challenging, but the successful incorporation of this film as the Arya’s planar driver is the cornerstone of its remarkable sound.

Advanced Asymmetrical Magnetic Circuit
Years of research into planar driver optimizations led HIFIMAN to utilize an asymmetrical design with smaller magnets on the side facing the ear. This reduced interference in sound wave transmissions from the diaphragm.

Metal and High-Grade Plastic Construction
HIFIMAN designed the Arya’s high-quality metal headband with extra strength and a special high-grade plastic for lightweight comfort and rugged durability.

Bold, Black Aesthetic
With its class HE1000-style shape and striking good looks of its all-black exterior, the Arya is a statement of both aesthetics and sonic excellence.

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December 28th, 2021
Andrew Park