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Sennheiser Momentum 3

Sennheiser Momentum 3

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Sennheiser Momentum 3

Regular price $269.95
Sale price $269.95 Regular price $399.95

The stylish MOMENTUM 3 Noise-Canceling Wireless Over-Ear Headphones from Sennheiser features smart technologies that are designed let you enjoy your audio in peace, but quickly interact with your surroundings when you need to. Three modes of active noise cancellation work to filter out ambient sounds that can be distracting, but with Transparent Hearing, you can listen while still being aware of what's happening around you.

With Smart Pause, you don't have to worry about fumbling with on-ear controls or your mobile device to stop the music. Simply take off the MOMENTUM 3 wireless headphones and the music pauses automatically. It will even restart when you put them back on. You can enjoy your music all day long with up to 17 hours of power, and the MOMENTUM 3 headphones have been crafted to be comfortable if you do. The earcups and headband are both cushioned and wrapped in genuine leather.

Find Lost Headphones with Tile

Sennheiser has incorporated Tile technology into the MOMENTUM 3 headphones to let you find them if they are ever lost or misplaced. Simply download the Tile app for iOS or Android and add your MOMENTUM 3 headphones.

Three Noise Cancellation Modes

Max: Provides maximum cancellation of ambient noise
Anti-Wind: Optimized noise cancellation for outdoor use
Anti-Pressure: Optimized noise cancellation for use in the home

Smart Pause

The music automatically pauses when you take your headphones off, and restarts when you put them back on. When folding the earcups open or closed, your music will turn on and off as well.

Hands-Free Calling

More than a simple pair of headphones, the MOMENTUM 3 wireless over-ear headphones feature a pair of built-in microphones. This means you can make and take phone calls hands-free when pairing them with a Bluetooth-compatible smartphone. The mics utilize beamforming technology to focus in on your speech for clearer conversations.

3-Button Interface

The 3-button interface built into the earcup of the MOMENTUM 3 allows you to quickly adjust the volume, activate Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri digital assistants, and switch between music and making hands-free calls.

Smart Control App

The Sennheiser Smart Control app has a built-in equalizer to let you adjust your listening experience, as well as activation buttons for Noise Cancellation and Transparent Hearing modes.


Title Description
Sensitivity 99 dB SPL 118 dB SPL at 1 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) More information
When driving headphones at high volumes, it is possible for the diaphragm (the ‘speaker’ inside the headphones) to be unable to move fast enough. This leads to distortion, manifesting itself as crackling, popping or the alteration of musical notes. Most headphones will fall below 1% THD.
Frequency Response More information
Headphone frequency response refers to the frequency-specific sensitivity of the output. Frequency responses show the range that headphones are capable of reproducing—a graph shows which frequencies are accentuated over others. The ideal range covers the audible sound range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz.
50 Hz to 10 kHz
Driver Type Dynamic
Driver Materials & Size 1.65" / 42 mm
Headphone Weight 305 grams
Warranty More information
Warranty differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Warranty covers factory defects but most manufacturers do not cover drops, water damage, driver damage, mistreatment of the product, etc. It is always best to look at the manufacturer's website for the most up to date warranty information.
2 years manufacturer's warranty