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Forge Desktop Headphone Tube Amplifier

Forge Desktop Headphone Tube Amplifier

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Forge Desktop Headphone Tube Amplifier

Regular price $2,499
Sale price $2,499 Regular price $2,899.00

Introducing FORGE, a Desktop Headphone Tube Amplifier made in collaboration between and Ampsandsound. 

Fully decked out with upgraded tubes and Jupiter Capacitors, FORGE represents something we've always wanted to do at which is to make a tube amplifier that fits our favourite headphones!

Forge Specs with JJ KT88s Power Vacuum Tubes

  • Input Sensitivity 1.6v P-P
  • Max Power Hi Z (300ohm) 4Watts
  • Max Power LoZ (32ohms) 4.5watts
  • Noise HiZ 680uv RMS
  • Noise LoZ 460uv RMS

After months of testing to get the perfect configurations and back and forths with Justin Weber, founder of Ampsandsound, FORGE was born and with it we made the decision that there should be two versions.  

The first variation of FORGE comes with a Low Z Headphone output of 32 ohms and High Z headphone output of 300 ohms making it the perfect match with one of our favorite headphones, the Sennheiser HD 800S, or any high impedance headphones in general.

The second variation of FORGE comes with a Low Z Headphone Output of 8 ohms and a High Z Headphone Output of 100 Ohms. We recognize that not everyone has ultra-high impedance headphones, and for anyone looking for a bit more versatility from their amplifier, this is the one to go for. This version is a perfect match for the Focal lineup of dynamic driver headphones - with the Utopia sounding truly amazing out of the 8 ohm out - along with a wide range of planar magnetic headphones with different impedances and sensitivity. Speaking from experience, we absolutely love planar magnetic headphones like the Rosson Audio Design RAD-0 off this amplifier as well. 

Input Tubes: 


Output Tubes:


The FORGE is handmade with pride in Southern California with US-sourced parts, including Ampsandsound's precision transformers.

Volume control is handled by the ALPS volume pot to allow attenuation and simplify the signal path. Zero feedback on the outputs negates the need for a pre-amplifier; an iPhone can drive the Forge without issue.